They should offer more chatbot template options for other scenarios. This can reduce the time taken to take a chatbot live on the user’s website. One of the crucial factors you need to consider when searching for the best chatbot for a WordPress website is to see whether it works on branching logic or not.

Can you make WordPress interactive?

Creating Interactive Images in WordPress. The easiest way to add clickable areas, also known as hotspots, is by using Draw Attention. This plugin allows you to either show a 'more info' popup or open a new URL when the user interacts with an image.

This ChatBot for WordPress can work in Natural Language Processing Mode and Button Menu Driven Mode or a Combination of both. 40+ free pre-built templates to start at any instant for various use cases. Partner with a team of WordPress experts to fully manage every aspect of your WordPress website for one, small monthly fee. Check out these very important reasons why your best option is a managed WordPress hosting provider compared to a shared host or DIY VPS.

How to Add & Change a WordPress Favicon | WP Buffs

The Omni Chat mobile app which brings all inboxes (Facebook, Web Chat & SMS) into one place is available for both Android and iPhone users. You can set up one chatbot funnel for all platforms at once. To set up a bot on the website, the users have the option to use the free WordPress plugin provided by MobileMonkey which enables the FB messenger chat option on the website. Users who haven’t logged in with FB could see a native chatbot. With theirOmni chat desktop & mobile app, all could happen easily. As for the money matters, Tidio sure offers a free package and three other plans.

This is especially helpful if users come from all around the world. You know how critical speed is to a WordPress site’s success. The same concept applies to how quickly you can deliver responses to support requests.

Final thoughts on WordPress live chat plugins

The plugin automatically detects the existing users and displays them targeted offers. Shopify is a self-hosted platform and is more customizable compared to WooCommerce. Anyone can start an online store on Shopify, but WooCommerce will ask you to build a WordPress website.


We will tell you all about it in the latter part of this blog. For better functionality, WP chatbot For Facebook Messenger integrates quickly and easily with your Facebook business page. With the help of WP Chatbot For Facebook Messenger, you can quickly utilize Facebook Messenger on your WordPress websites for live chat as well as automated chat. The plugin’s web chat capabilities and live chat have been one of the top picks of WordPress users globally.

Use these best free WordPress chatbot plugins for your website to create your own chatbot now!

Chatbot acts as customer support with very minimal or no cost as per your requirements. Here comes the need for the chatbot and it is currently used by all popular brands out there. By the end of the article, you will be able to figure out the best chatbot software for WordPress which fits your business needs. Attracting and Engaging with customers are the two most important things to run a business online or website. Social media do a major part in attracting the audience if posted with proper content.

You hear the words “WordPress website chatbots” or “wp chatbot” repeated everywhere. With Intercom, you can personalize your chatbot’s interactions with customers. You can filter and target customers based on what they do (or don’t do) and you can group them into segments based on their attributes and behavior. You can even integrate it with other chatbot tools if you want more advanced chatbot features. This saves you time and money creating different bots using different tools. You can create a single bot and use it across multiple platforms.

How to Integrate Chatbot in WordPress?

Since WordPress is open-source, it offers a range of its own chatbot plugins, as well as third-party plugins. AI-powered chatbots play an important role in automating difficult tasks in eCommerce stores. AI chatbots emulate an actual salesperson in the physical store. Integrating an AI chatbot in eCommerce stores provides effective customer service solutions. This article focuses on the popular WooCommerce platform and the best chatbot to implement on the site.

Compared to the others in the list of WordPress chatbot plugins, Artibot has a cheaper pro plan, albeit with reduced features. The free version of Tidio allows you to have one agent and one chat open, with no other restrictions. This makes it one of the best WordPress live chat plugins for small business owners who manage their business entirely on their own. Additional agents are added from $16.80 per month, which also enables unlimited concurrent chats and automatic messages. Running a website requires plenty of your time and attention.

The Maintenance Plan includes:

The free version of this best chatbot WordPress plugin also provides nice options. You can answer FAQs, send links and media in the chat window, and view conversation history. My Chatbot is a simple WordPress AI chatbot that integrates with Google Dialogflow . This integration provides Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning capabilities, which improves the chatbot’s ability to understand messages from users. This WordPress chatbot uses IBM’s Watson Assistant technology to create and use virtual assistants with artificial intelligence. Chatbot with IBM Watson makes this list because of rich messages with clickable responses and multimedia, rich customization, and language recognition capabilities.


Just like in Drift, these tools create a complex ecosystem that automates all of your marketing activities. Tidio is one of the best chatbot options for WooCommerce and you can use it to make chatbots from scratch in a matter of minutes. Join.Chat is a WhatsApp WordPress chatting plugin that has an option to activate a chatbot. It’s called Svachat, and it can answer the FAQs related to your business or product. You can also schedule when the live chat function is online – and when offline, your live chat box converts into an opt-in form for any MailChimp email list.

What is the best free AI chatbot?

  • Intercom.
  • Zendesk Support Suite.
  • Tidio.
  • Drift.
  • MobileMonkey.
  • Landbot.
  • Birdeye.
  • Botmaker.

best chatbots for wordpress Chatbot is AI-powered customer support and sales tool available as a plugin on the CMS platform. It enables you to capture leads, qualify them as prospects, and help you boost sales. With chatbots on your website, you can resolve common customer queries and route complex ones to the correct department, reducing resolution time. These chatbots offer features such as live chat, automation, lead capture, and integrations with popular tools and platforms.

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